Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PPC)

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Google AdWords and PPC

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising is an excellent way for therapy professionals to market their websites and attract clients. With PPC advertising you’re only charged when your advert is clicked and visitors are directed to your website. This is unlike conventional advertising methods whereby you pay a fee regardless of its effectiveness. The PPC advertising method operates under a bid-based model, whereby you bid on selective keywords – the search terms relevant to your services.

The advantages of Pay-Per-Click advertising are as follows:

  1. PPC advertising is very cost effective – you only pay when people click your ads.
  2. PPC advertising can achieve immediate results – your adverts can be up in minutes.
  3. PPC advertising is measurable – easily track the results of campaigns and individual ads.
  4. PPC advertising suits businesses of all sizes – from individuals to multinational corporations.
  5. PPC advertising is for all budgets – when it’s done correctly, there’s no need to spend a fortune.

There are a various PPC platforms such as Google AdWords, Microsoft adCenter, Yahoo Search Marketing and Facebook Ads. The most widespread of these is Google AdWords and is the platform we recommend starting with. We can setup and manage campaigns across various PPC platforms and we specialize in Google AdWords.

Google AdWords LogoGoogle AdWords is the most well known PPC advertising platform and it’s by far the most effective – simply because Google is the dominant search engine. By advertising with Google AdWords you can market your services via the use of placed text ads that appear alongside the “organic” search results. You can also advertise via their content network for even greater exposure.

A powerful feature of Google AdWords is the ability to target your ads geographically so that they only appear to people searching in a particular city, region or country. You can even target online customers who live within 20 miles of your location, which is ideal for therapy professionals.

What We Can Do For You

We offer a comprehensive Google AdWords management service that will save you both time and money. With years of experience running advertising campaigns on Google AdWords we provide the following:

  1. AdWords account creation
  2. Setup campaigns and Ad groups
  3. Enable geographical Ad targeting
  4. Perform detailed keyword research
  5. Create adverts with compelling copy
  6. Split-testing and Ad text optimization
  7. Analytics & AdWords conversions setup
  8. Apply negative keywords and site removal.
  9. Detailed progress reports for your campaigns
  10. Ongoing campaign management and optimization.

If you don’t know what you’re doing then it’s extremely easy to waste money with Google AdWords and other forms of PPC marketing. Many small businesses spend far more than is necessary by making common mistakes with their advertising campaigns. That’s why we recommend you hire us to create, monitor, manage and maintain your Google AdWords account. Yes we do charge a service fee, but we more than make up for this – and then some!

Our Rates

Many PPC management companies charge a fee based upon the amount you spend. This pricing model isn’t in the clients’ interest because it offers no incentive for minimizing wasteful spending. We don’t charge based upon how much you spend each month. We have a one-off setup cost and then charge an affordable monthly fee based upon the complexity of successfully running your advertising campaigns. We’re confident we’ll end up saving you money. Please contact us for a free no-obligation quote.

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