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We have 5 fantastic pre-built website themes for you to choose from. Each one of these is available in choice of colour schemes.

Please be aware that we don’t just provide the theme and leave you to it. Once you’ve selected your favourite pre-built theme we’ll start the process of building your site based on your chosen design. Many of the functions can be turned on/off and we’ll ensure that your finished site will be built to suit your individual requirements. The only thing we don’t do is make changes to the coding or overall design (i.e. the shape, layout and size of the theme).

When you choose a pre-built theme you’ll get a high level of service as you would with our bespoke service, but at a more affordable price because we can reduce the development time by using a pre-built design as our starting point.

Feel free to browse our selection of pre-built themes:

Verve ThemeVERVE

This theme has a very modern design with an attractive and unique look. The centrepiece of the design focuses on the individual and reflects their personality. This type of design suits the confident and approachable therapy professional who wants to immediately articulate who they are and what they represent. Available in a choice of colour schemes.

Life ThemeLIFE

This is a very professional theme that is well structured and efficient. The basic design has a somewhat crisp corporate feel that projects a sense of authority. The character and uniqueness of this theme is influenced by the choice of imagery in the prominent slider that’s visible at the top of the page. There’s also a plenty of space for content and the design considerations don’t get in the way of this.

Rhythm ThemeRHYTHM

The Rhythm theme is a beautiful design with subdued colors and rounded corners. The layout is compact and contemporary and draws the visitor in, yet there is plenty of room for featured content and it has great readability. The navigational structure also has clearly defined goals and outcomes. The Rhythm theme is perfectly sized to suit the needs of the therapy professional.

Adapt ThemeADAPT

This stylish theme is fresh, cool and contemporary. As you can see from the design, it’s smart, modern with an orderly and well thought-out structure. This theme is very adaptable and can be easily altered to make it more personal. There’s plenty of room for content and visitors will also appreciate the simplicity and ease with which they can navigate the site.

Impress ThemeIMPRESS

This superb theme is designed to make an instant impression. The bold color scheme and super slick design creates exactly the type of professional image you want for your visitors. As you may have guessed, the design for ‘Impress’ is a modified version of the theme we use for .

Please note: we also work with other pre-built themes from external providers, to give you even more choice. Therefore if you find a design you like elsewhere then please get in touch and we’ll see what we can do.

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