Adapt Theme

A smart, modern, stylish theme that's very flexible

Adapt Theme


This stylish theme is fresh, cool and contemporary. As you can see from the design, it’s smart, modern with an orderly and well thought-out structure. This theme is very adaptable and can be easily altered to make it more personal. There’s plenty of room for content and visitors will also appreciate the simplicity and ease with which they can navigate the site.

The overall framework of this theme allows for easy customization. It’s probably the most flexible of all our pre-built themes. The header section in particular can be completed replaced without the need for a complex re-design. The default header is stylish and compliments the overall design, but a custom built header can transform the entire look and feel of this theme.

The Adapt theme is available in a choice of 5 colour schemes.

The full list of customization that we offer for this theme is as follows:

  • Site name and tagline – or if you’ve chosen our silver package we’ll add your logo.
  • Your photo – we recommend you supply us with a high quality and professional photograph.
  • Update contact details – including the telephone number, email, location and map.
  • Accreditation images – we’ll remove/replace the default professional accreditation badges.
  • Menu and navigation – want different navigation and menu links? Not a problem.
  • Social media icons – we’ll amend/remove the social media icons at your request.
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