Life Theme

A professional theme that projects a sense of authority

Life Theme


This is a very professional theme that is well structured and efficient. The basic design has a somewhat crisp corporate feel that projects a sense of authority. The character and uniqueness of this theme is influenced by the choice of imagery in the prominent slider that’s visible at the top of the page. There’s also a plenty of space for content and the design considerations don’t get in the way of this. This theme has a high degree of usability and is easy to navigate.

As already mentioned, the look and feel of this theme can be easily customized by the prominent image slider at the top of the page. With the right choice of images you’ll be able to put your message across and make sure it gets noticed. This slider is displayed by default on the home page but for the inner pages you have the option to remove it and create more space for the content of your website.

The content area is large and uncluttered and if you have lots of content then you’ll love this theme. The sidebar has all the usual features of a Therapy Themes design; links to important pages, location details and a contact form. But as always, these can be amended and removed if needs be. For example, you might want more space in the side bar for links to other pages within your website.

The Life theme is available in a choice of 5 colour schemes.

The full list of customization that we offer for this theme is as follows:

  • Site name and tagline – or if you’ve chosen our silver package we’ll add your logo.
  • Image slider – the image slider can be shown on all pages, just the home page, or none.
  • Slider images – customize the slider with your own choice or images and photographs.
  • Update contact details – including the telephone number, email, location and map.
  • Accreditation images – we’ll remove/replace the default professional accreditation badges.
  • Menu and navigation – want different navigation and menu links? Not a problem.
  • Social media icons – we’ll amend/remove the social media icons at your request.
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