Why We Use WordPress

The key reasons why we believe WordPress is your best option

At Therapy Themes we don’t make traditional “static” HTML websites like old-school website designers. Our websites might look and feel like traditional websites – but that’s only on the surface, because all our websites are powered by WordPress.

WordPress Screenshot ExampleSo, What is WordPress?

WordPress started off as a simple open-source blogging platform. It has since evolved into a powerful ‘Content Management System’ (CMS), which is a software application used to manage the content of a website. With WordPress you can upload, edit, and manage content displayed on your website using a simple and extremely user-friendly web-browser based interface.

WordPress is the most popular CMS on the planet and it powers millions of websites; from the simplest blogs to fully fledged super-sites. It’s also incredibly expandable and flexible. You can choose to use it as the platform for simple static websites, by just creating pages; or you can easily add dynamic content such as a blog and a whole host of other features.

In our opinion WordPress is the best platform for creating websites. Here are some reasons why:

  • It’s amazingly easy to use and suits both novice users and web professionals.
  • The content management features makes it easy to create standalone pages.
  • Adding a blog is simple because WordPress started out as a blogging platform.
  • The customization opportunities are endless and you can add amazing functions.
  • It’s also extremely SEO friendly. Search engines love WordPress powered sites.

It’s estimated that WordPress powers a staggering 60 million websites across the internet. It’s not surprising when you consider its capabilities. It’s the perfect platform for small to medium websites, such as those for therapy professionals.

The Alternatives to WordPress

Let’s examine some of the alternatives to a WordPress powered website.

HTML sitesA Basic HTML Website

This type of website is creating by someone with knowledge of HTML – which is the language used to build basic web pages. With knowledge of HTML you can create your own website, although we assume that this isn’t your area of expertise so you’d need to hire a website designer. They will create your pages and upload the files to a server.

If you only need a basic website then HTML is a valid option. However, there are no advantages to this option because with WordPress you can also have a basic website that doesn’t utilize all the functions available. It can look and feel exactly like a basic HTML website. The big difference is that with WordPress you are in control of your website. To make changes to a basic HTML website you need to either a) rely on the services of the person who originally designer your website, or b) purchase expensive software and learn to do it yourself. Both have serious disadvantages.

With WordPress you can easily update your own content using nothing more than your web browser. If you don’t want to do your own updates then you can simply hire us or anyone else who is capable of using a word processor, because it’s that easy. You’re not reliant on one individual. In summary, there aren’t any advantages to a basic HTML website over WordPress, yet there are many disadvantages.

Content Management SystemsA Different Content Management System

The advantages we described above we’re mainly focused on the use of a content management system (CMS) – and WordPress isn’t the only CMS. There are various other options but as we’ll explain, they all fail in comparison to WordPress. First there are some website design companies provide their own custom-built CMS – but they invariably lack the capabilities of WordPress. They might do a basic job, but are they as user-friendly and search-engine friendly as WordPress? Do they charge for add-on features? Do they even have extra features? What happens if something goes wrong or you want to move your website? WordPress is a free and open-source platform that runs millions of websites. This means there is a huge community of people devoted to building extra capabilities to enhance the platform – and most of these are available for free.

DIY Site BuilderDIY Website Building Systems

Then there are the “DIY Website Building Systems” that are often aimed at individuals and small businesses. Such systems usually create basic website templates via an online account without the user needing any software or prior knowledge of HTML and web design skills. Although this is often one of the cheapest options, the problem with this approach is people generally underestimate the difficulty of creating a website that looks professional. The core coding of a DIY website is generally very bad and they are often poor when it comes to search engine optimization. For these reasons DIY is seldom the best choice.

WordPress is Your Best Option

There are many website design companies who now offer WordPress as an option because there is a demand for it. For us it’s the only option because it’s what we do best – and it’s what’s best for our clients. We know WordPress inside out and we ensure that all of our websites are built to the highest standards and are fully optimized for maximum performance on this wonderful platform.

For web savvy folks, WordPress is easy to setup as a workable website or blog. It’s widely known to be easy to install and even comes with a catchphrase; the “Famous 5-Minute Install”. However, whilst a basic ‘out of the box’ WordPress powered website is good, configuration is the key. Apart from the fantastic themes we develop that make your WordPress powered website look great – we also ensure each website we create performs to its full capabilities and is fully optimized.

Put simply, WordPress is your best option and we make it even better.

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